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Posted on January 25, 2017 in Uncategorized

Welcome to the Net Charger website, please click the links at the top or bottom of the page to get to other parts of the site.


Jan 10th 2001: New forums:

Due to someone hacking our old forum’s, we have installed new ones and they are now up and running.

Dec 3rd 2001: Website reset:

Due to an accident by our web host, our account had to be reset and everything setup again.
We believe the website is now fully working, but if you do experience any problems, please email us at support@netcharger.co.uk.

Nov 25th 2001: FreeWorld goes 3D:

FreeWorld is being redone in 3D, click here for more details.

Nov 11th 2001: FreeWorld mini site:

A new mini site has been set up for FreeWorld which is now its new home. Click here to visit it.

Nov 8th 2001: FreeWorld testing:

We have begun testing of our new game FreeWorld, an online role playing game.
If you are intreasted in joining the testing please fill in the form on the about FreeWorld page and we will contact you.

Oct 24th 2001: Mailing list fixed:

We have now successfuly fixed the mailing lists, if you have any problems please contact support. Again, sorry for any inconvienience.

Oct 24th 2001: Mailing list problems:

We are aware of some problems with the Net Charger and Utility mailing lists and are currently working on a fix and they should be working again soon. Sorry for any inconvienience.

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